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Our Beds

Our Beds
All our beds are Brand New with lay down
Contouring to your body .
All beds have blue tooth, mp3 surround sound, smart
voice with touch screen and easy to use panel.

Please arrive so you have enough time to use your session before the shop closes. Thankyou.

We are part of the sunbed association which have rules and regulations which we comply with !

01638 668822

7 All Saints Rd, Newmarket CB8 8ES

Products we use & sell in the salon:

Australian Gold
Hemp Nation
Tan Shot Original
Sachet Collection

Using a sunbed without lotion is like washing your hair without shampoo!

Benefits of lotion:
• Moisturises, retains your tan longer and deeper.
• It’s powerful ingredients help the skin develop its natural deeper tones.
• Boosts your tanning up to 60%, protects your skin against dehydration.
• If your not using a sunbed lotion or tanning accelerator your skin will probably
reflect as much as half the uv energy,  so you will spend longer on the sunbed to
achieve the desired tanning result.
• This is why these products are tried and tested and proven to do just this.


The benefits of Tanning apart from feeling great it also supply’s the body Vit D which many of the population lack. Exposure to the uv in particular UVB is the best natural source of obtaining Vit D . Research shows the vast Majority of the population lack this vitamin by the end of the winter months.


Walk ins £1 per minute
Please arrive so you have enough time to use your session before the shop closes. Thank you.
Student discount 10%

01638 668822

7 All Saints Rd, Newmarket CB8 8ES

Opening Times

 Monday – Friday 9.30am – 8pm

 Saturday 9.30am – 6:30pm

 Sunday 11am – 4pm

 BANK HOLIDAYS 11am – 4pm